Tip 8

How to do without a guide?

It is no secret that guide services in Europe and America are very expensive. On the other hand, when traveling, I want to see all the sights and get as much information about them as possible.
The solution is — this is a special application — izi.travel mobile audio guide, which is installed free of charge on any smartphone or tablet via Google play or via the Appstore, if you have an iPhone or iPad.
This application allows you to receive information about any museums, attractions in different languages. To date, the collection of more than 2,000 museums and 9,500 city tours in different cities of the world.
The application determines your location and offers a list of available routes and excursions nearby. When you are near a monument or sight, the audio guide automatically turns on and tells you about it.

In museums, this application works by reading QR codes from exhibits.
Most audio guides are free. If you download audio guides of planned routes and museums to your device in advance, then you will not need an Internet connection to work with audio guides.

Detailed instructions for using this application are HERE.

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