Tip 7

How to choose an Android device?

Now, from a wide range of devices on the Android platform, you need to choose the one that we can afford and is able to perform all our tasks.
If it is possible — it is desirable to buy or rent a tablet with support for mobile high-speed Internet 4G LTE — this will provide you with cheap and very fast Internet, however, such a connection is not available in all cities and countries.
If the budget allows — for travel it is better to purchase devices with 2 SIM cards. In this case, the second SIM card can be changed to a local one in each visited country. However, it must be borne in mind that some tablet models do not have a telephone module and it will not be possible to call them via the mobile network, despite the presence of a SIM card, i.e. mobile network in such devices — only for the Internet.
Choosing a smartphone or tablet — it is better to buy with 2 rear and front cameras. The rear is needed for regular photos, and the front for video calls and selfies.
Choose a device with built-in GPS module. Then on the maps you can determine your location very accurately, even when the Internet is not available.
Buy a case to protect your device from external influences. It is also good to choose a model with moisture protection, since it is not known when and where you will be exposed to rain …

Also a very useful thing — Power bank which will allow you to recharge a smartphone or tablet in the absence of an electrical network. There are various capacities, masses, brands and prices.

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