Tip 5

Not enough memory?

Just transfer the files you need to the cloud. What is a cloud? Nothing complicated — this is a repository of information (your files, documents, photos), which is located where it is not known, but you can access it from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
There are several similar services, but for tablets and smartphones on Android, the most suitable cloud is Google drive. The icon for this application is circled in red in the photo.
Each user is given to store 15GB of information for free, and access to your files will be possible from any device — a computer at work, at home, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. … Access to information on a Google disk is controlled only by you personally and no one else. It is enough to have a Gmail login and password. You just have to install the free application from the Google Play or Play Market application repository, if it is not installed.

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