Tip 22

How to safely withdraw money using a bank card?

Many tourists abroad use bank cards to withdraw cash. Of course, it is convenient and, in most cases, safe.
However, not everyone knows that this can also conceal some risks, such as skimming, when a special device copies data from a magnetic tape, hidden cameras near the keyboard, special pads on the keyboard of the ATM, which store a pin code, etc.
In the end, fraudsters can simply see the PIN code, and on receipt of a cash machine they can snatch and run away.
In order to avoid such troubles we recommend:
1. Do not withdraw money from ATMs located in open areas, on the streets, in small shops. It is best to withdraw money in bank branches. It is better even if the ATM “swallows” your card — you will have a chance to return it with the help of bank employees. It is important that in the banks video surveillance is carried out and there is security.
2. Do not write the PIN code on a piece of paper, but rather remember it. If you can not remember, write it to your phone using Notepad or Google keep, just do not write that it is a PIN code.
3. In the phone contacts, make sure to write down the phone number of the bank that issued the card. In case of loss — you can block it for several minutes and prevent serious losses.
4.Connect SMS notification of operations. At least in time you will find out that your card data has been stolen and that unauthorized transactions are carried out on it.
5. Do not show anyone the card or share the secret PIN and СVV CVC codes on the back of the card. Remember that to access your account, even without a PIN code, it is enough to have a card snapshot and a code on the back of the card.
6.When entering the PIN code, cover the keyboard with your hand.
7.If an ATM did not give out money the first time — do not try to re-perform the operation — better look for another ATM.

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