Tip 20

How to book a hotel by yourself?

Usually, the second significant item of tourist spending is housing.
For viewing prices, reviews and availability of rooms registration is usually not required.
In order to start viewing prices, search for free rooms, familiarization with the proposed hotels, you need to decide on the dates of entry and exit and the number of guests.
HERE there is a search form with which it is very easy to find the hotel that suits you.
Before you choose and book a hotel, we strongly recommend that you read the reviews of other travelers about this hotel. Most sites have electronic translation and support for many languages, so you can get a general idea of ​​the hotel without much difficulty.
Also, you can easily change the rate and type of currency so as not to transfer the amount on the calculator.
To book a hotel, you usually need a bank card and registration on the site. Although now there are more and more exceptions, and some hotels can issue a reservation without a bank card.
You must carefully read the terms of the reservation and its cancellation. On some sites they can block the entire amount for accommodation, on some they can take a prepayment.
In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend to have a copy of the booking document with you, which can be presented on arrival at the hotel.
When leaving the hotel — be sure to ask for a printout of the bill or check and keep it even on arrival home. Some hotels block amounts on bank cards. To unblock them later in your bank, you may need proof that you do not need a hotel.

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