Tip 2

What tablet or smartphone is better to take a trip?

On our own experience, we found that Android-based devices are more suitable for traveling for the following reasons:
1. Sustainability and reliability of Android tablets and smartphones
2.Easy interface and device training
3. Relatively low power consumption and weight
4. A large selection of free applications.
5. Because Android is owned by Google, applications for tourists are installed very well and free of charge on all devices, such as Google maps, Google translate, translators, Google drive, file storage, etc.
6. A wide choice of devices in any configuration and for any tasks, including with or without a SIM card, with GPS satellite navigation, moisture-dust-protected, etc.
7. The ability to select a device for any budget from 100 to 1000 dollars
8. Easy search for a lost device via the Internet.
9. Permanent recording of device movement when geo-location is enabled. This gives chances to find a lost device, even if it is disabled.

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