Tip 19

When to start preparing for the trip?

Most experts agree that the sooner the better.
Although, of course, preparing for a couple of years is not worth it.
It is optimally considered that it is better to prepare a trip for 3 months and that is why:
1. Air tickets for such a period are still quite cheap. As a rule, the price increases closer to the date of departure. Although there are exceptions. Favorable plane tickets in some areas can be bought 6 months before departure.
2. It will be time to explore all the hotels and hostels in the place of stay and choose the right one for the price, location, quality and reviews of tourists.
3. If you need a visa — many embassies do not accept documents for registration earlier than 3 months before the trip.
If you have your own opinion about when it is better to start preparing for a vacation, please contact us and we will share your thoughts with all independent tourists.

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