Tip 18

Your travel assistant.

Usually, tourists are used to asking the travel agency or passers-by — how to get to the sights or where is the nearest stop? But what to do if you do not speak the language and do not quite know exactly what you need? A smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet will replace the passer-by and the information desk. Just ask the device and it will respond to you using the Google service now. This is a search service and providing the information you need here and now ..
Using Google now is very simple — after small and simple settings, it’s enough to say “OK Google” into the microphone and then say the command or question. Teams do not have a strict form and the system “guesses” what you need.
Examples of some useful commands:
The command “How to get to the airport” will display a map, route, estimated time and
traffic jams on the route.
The command “Where is the nearest restaurant” will show restaurants with a radius of 5 km and brief information about them.
The «Call to work» command activates the phone and automatically offers a work phone number.
Setting the alarm: «Wake me up at 7 am» or «Wake me up on Friday at 7 am.»
Creating a reminder: «Remind buy a kebab on Friday.»
Creating an event on the Google Calendar: «Make an appointment at 7:00 pm».
Time: «What time is it in Boston now?»
Sending an e-mail message: «Send an email to my wife,» and you can dictate the subject and content of the letter, rather than write.
Weather forecast: «Weather for today» or «Weather for the week»
Finding the facts «When was Sting born?»
Naive questions: «How much to pay tip in London in a taxi?»
Translation of words and phrases: «blanket in English?» or “hotel in Chinese”
Unit conversion: «How many pounds in a kilogram?»
The solution of mathematical problems: «What is the cubic root of 27?»
Flights: “Find my air ticket”
What else is important Google now gives you without prompting requests — for example, traffic jams on the way home from work, places near you when the match of your favorite team takes place.
In addition, using voice commands, you can launch applications on your phone or tablet with the command “open — name of the application”.

You can customize this feature as you like.

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