Tip 16

How to exchange short messages from anywhere in the world?

Being abroad, it is very important to maintain constant contact with family and friends.
In our age, it is very easy and relatively inexpensive if you have a smartphone, tablet, or any device connected to a mobile network or to the Internet.
If you only have a mobile network connection, you can send and receive only regular SMS messages, but be very careful, because the cost of sending can be much higher in roaming.
If you have an Internet connection abroad, then many more possibilities open up. It should only be remembered that your addressee must be registered with the same service through which you are going to correspond.
Gmail — the most adapted program for a smartphone — allows you to exchange messages, files, photos. What is important — it works from any device and for communication it is enough that the addressee has any email address.
Whatsapp is a very inexpensive service for exchanging short messages and sending files. The disadvantage is binding to a specific phone number.
Skype — in addition to video calls, allows you to exchange messages and files.
Hangouts is a similar Skype service from Google. Several advanced features and links to other services, such as YouTube, Gmail
Facebook messager — allows you to exchange messages and files with those who are registered on Facebok,
All these services need internet. This may be the Internet at the hotel or the mobile Internet of a foreign operator. If you use the Internet while roaming your operator, be sure to consult about the tariffs, since using the Internet in roaming can lead to unnecessarily high costs.

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