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How to exchange short messages from anywhere in the world?

ScreenshotBeing abroad, it is very important to maintain contact with family and friends.

It is very easy and relatively inexpensive if you have a smartphone, tablet or any device connected to the Internet.

If you have only mobile network connection, you can send and receive regular SMS messages but be careful because the cost of sending can be much higher in roaming.

If you have an Internet connection abroad, then you have more possibilities. You should only remember that the other person must be registered in the service you are going to use.

Gmail allows you to exchange messages, files and photos. What is important — it works from any device and to start a conversation you only need an email of the other person.

Whatsapp is a very inexpensive service for exchanging short messages and sending files. The disadvantage is binding to a specific phone number.

Skype — its main function is video calls, in addition you can exchange messages and files.

Hangouts is similar to Skype service from Google. It can offer several advanced features and links to other Google services such as YouTube and Gmail.

Facebook messenger allows you to exchange messages and files with those who are registered on Facebook.

All these services require internet. While traveling it may be the Internet at the hotel or the mobile Internet of a foreign operator. If you use the Internet of your operator, be sure to consult about the tariffs since using the Internet in roaming can lead to unnecessarily high costs.