Tip 14

How to make video calls from a smartphone for free?

In order to talk and see your interlocutor, there are several applications. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and the Internet. However, you should be attentive to the tariffs on the Internet, since these applications consume quite a significant amount of Internet traffic and can lead to high costs, especially in roaming. Therefore, we recommend using video calling only when your smartphone is connected to an inexpensive Internet, for example, hotel wi-fi.
The most popular application is Skype, in the version for mobile devices, which is installed via Google Play and, in general, does not differ from the version for computers and laptops.
All Skype functions you are used to are also available on any mobile device, namely voice and video calls, chats, newsgroups for up to 25 people, video meetings for up to 5 people, file sharing.
Also, Skype allows you to call ordinary phones at very preferential rates, but it is charged.
The application from Google is less well known — Hangouts, however, it also has at least wide capabilities. In addition to simple video calls, you can connect up to 15 users to your video meeting, send videos and photos, view them together, and organize a video broadcast.
Another application allows you to call ordinary and mobile phones at a reduced rate, but this service is paid.

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