Tip 11

How to have a permanent Internet abroad?

If all the same you need a mobile Internet, we recommend buying a SIM card from a local operator. It is better to purchase a card with 4G LTE service — as a rule it is cheaper and the Internet is faster. But this is true when your smartphone or tablet supports 4G network. Information about this is in the user guide for the device. As a rule, top and expensive device models support this technology.
Even better in traveling — if you have a phone with 2 SIM slots. In this case, you can set up your SIM card from the country of residence only for calls, but turn off the Internet, and use the SIM card of the host country to receive the Internet and make local calls.

Important ! Be very attentive to the Internet when roaming, because a smartphone can use a lot of traffic outside of your desire to update various programs and applications.

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