Tip 1

 Do not take a laptop on a trip!

The first reason.

The laptop is not designed for harsh environments, high humidity, dust, sand, etc .. Any laptop has air vents that can get water, beer, dust and something like that. Tablets and smartphones do not have such openings and are more protected from external influences.
Laptops are also more sensitive to ambient temperatures. Overcooling or overheating can lead to partial or complete disability of the device. The design of the tablet has a more secure design.

a warning

The second reason.

At the airport in order to combat terrorism can check the laptop and ask it to turn on.
Turning on a laptop and loading the operating system in inconvenient conditions do not do any good either for the computer system or for its hard disk. In addition, you will have to wait for the operating system to load in the nerve queue of passengers awaiting security checks. And then — after passing the test, you must turn off the laptop, which also takes time. Tablet or smartphone turn on and off faster.


The third reason.

Vibration and shaking are disastrous to the hard drive.
The hard drive, in fact, stores all your files, photos and everything that makes the laptop your own. If the power supply is lost, shaken, or overloaded, the hard drive may fail and all information will be lost. That is why it is impossible to walk with the laptop turned on, and it is also undesirable to turn it on in an airplane. Tablets do not have this drawback, because they do not have a hard disk. All information is stored on the tablet’s built-in memory card or even in the cloud.HDD

The fourth reason.

Most laptop breakdowns in airplanes are due to the fact that when you open the laptop cover, it rests against the seat back in front of you. The passenger sitting in front can at any moment recline the back of his seat without warning you. And in this case, the failure of the laptop is likely with a high probability. With the tablet it is excluded due to the complete absence of the cover.damage

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