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How to book a flight and buy a ticket for the best price?

Some useful information before start.

How do airlines set prices? Airlines usually do not have fixed prices. Air tickets’ prices change over time. At first they are cheaper, because airline needs to fill the plane to make the flight reasonable. As soon as about 70% of tickets are sold, the price starts to grow.

How do ticket search services work? Almost all ticket search services do not sell or book anything. They are only looking for air ticket offices and airlines with the best deals in a given direction.

Is it safe to book tickets online? Yes, because the search engine will redirect you to the airline ticket office, on whose website you will buy tickets. Since air service is a serious business, there is nothing wrong with security.

Why is it better to search tickets yourself? Firstly, you have the opportunity to choose the price and airline company that suits you. Secondly, you exclude the possibility of an error that may occur if you assign the purchase of tickets to someone else.

The general rule is this: the earlier you buy a ticket is better. Numerous researches show that it is optimal to start looking for tickets about 3 months before the travel, although there are also exceptions to this rule. Moreover, in most cases, 3 months is recommended for submitting documents for a visa.

There are several ways to search for cheap flights.

If you already know where to fly and decide on the dates of travel, you should use the standard search form. Everything is simple here. Fill out the forms and click the search button. After some time, the system will offer you several options for air tickets, starting with the cheapest. You can compare the prices of air tickets of different airlines, as well as the time of departure and duration of flights.

After you choose the appropriate option, the system will redirect you to the online airline ticket office or the airline’s website. Here you can book a flight or buy tickets. For booking, most likely, you will have to register, enter the names of passengers, passport numbers and pay for the purchase by credit card. Be sure to indicate the registration of valid phone number and e-mail, because then it will be a way for the airline to contact you in case of delay or cancellation of the flight.

If you know where you want to fly but have not decided on a date, use the low price calendar. Here you only need to enter the departure and arrival airports. A calendar will show you ticket prices for a year and mark the month with lowest price.

If you are just deciding where to go, you will need this map. Click on it and it will open in a new window. On the right of the screen in the form select your departure city. Select the options you need and click «show on map». Now choose any directions, enter dates and compare ticket prices.                           

Also, if you prefer to use a smartphone, we can recommend a mobile application for flights search.