You can become an independent traveler right now in just few short steps on this website. 

— Why is so easy?
1. Very simple sites in Internet exist for searching and booking hotels, flight tickets, entertainment and tours around the world.
2. Any smartphone can perform as your personal guide, interpreter and map.
— What do you need for this?
1. Our website.
2. A little time and patience.
3. Just follow the recommendations on this webpage.

All sites for finding hotels, entertainment, flight tickets are mostly standard. 

1. Enter the dates of arrival and departure, the place of destination, the place of departure and click the «Find» button. 
2. Practice looking for hotels, flight tickets and excursions using those search windows below as it is free and does not impose any financial obligations on you. 
3. Try to change the dates and duration of the trip to find the most suitable offers.

To make your smartphone become your personal travel assistant you need to prepare it by installing the necessary applications.

All the necessary applications you will find here. Instructions for installing applications is here.

Partially yes if you use questionable websites or undergo a hacker attack.

What to do? 
1. If you find the booking site yourself, please check its address in the address bar. Or visit such sites from our website. It is safe. 
2. Use only licensed software and periodically update the system of your computer or phone. 
3. Even if you become a victim of scammers on the Internet, the chances to find the intruders and repair damages are much higher than in the case of ordinary pocket theft. The reason is that all money transactions are recorded and therefore it is much more realistic to find a thief.

In today’s world 1.2 billion people travel and successfully overcome the language barrier.
How ?
1. Learn how to use a Google Translate application in your phone. If there is no Internet in the host country, download the required offline package.
2. Learn 20-30 basic words in English. This will be enough to navigate in cities, airports and tourist centers.
3. In many countries tourist centers provide services and information in many languages.

The risk of becoming a victim of criminals is the same for both group and individual tourists. Moreover, the tourism authorities around the world keep the safety of tourists under special control. 

What to do? Simple rules:
1. Do not lose common sense, observe basic safety rules.
2. Do not be attracted by unrealistically super-profitable offers and do not visit criminal areas.
3. Learn the phones and addresses of the embassies of your country as well as emergency telephones in the host country.

There are at least 3 ways to navigate in an unfamiliar place:
1. Use Google Maps app which works all over the world. If there is no Internet — download the package.
2. Download the map.
3. Contact the tourist information center.

Don’t worry about it.

1. Our website offers only regular flights (not charter flights where the risk of cancellation is much higher).
2. You book tickets yourself, so there is no risk of bankruptcy of the travel company. You are a direct customer of the airline and the airline will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied in case of inconvenience caused by the flight company.
3. Even if the scheduled flight is canceled or delayed, the airline company will typically notify you in advance and offer compensation for the delay and, possibly, solve the problems with accommodation.

This is unlikely.

1. You book the hotel yourself and become a client of the hotel, which is personally liable to you and will no longer be able to refer to the fact that your room is not paid for, money is not received, no confirmation, etc..
2. When booking through a internet service, it is an extremely bad idea for the hotel to let you down because if you complain, the hotel can be punished or completely excluded from the system that brings customers to them.
3. In case of any misunderstandings, you can leave a negative review on numerous tourist sites and the hotel will lose reputation and a certain number of customers.

Everything is not difficult and not scary. In fact, traveling is primarily an adventure. You can make the whole process fascinating from planning to returning home and keeping everything under control.