Google Translate

In order to understand an unfamiliar language, speak oneself on it, read signs, pointers, menus, navigate foreign sites, it is not necessary to learn all the languages ​​of the world, hire a translator or buy dictionaries. Nowadays, to solve the language problem, a smartphone or tablet with the installed Google translate is enough. This application supports over 80 languages ​​and provides the following features:

Simultaneous interpretation of oral speech, and in both directions, i.e. the device can both hear and translate from a foreign language into your language, as well as translate your speech into foreign languages. Just speak the phrases into the microphone of the smartphone and he will voice them in any language and write these phrases on the display.

Website translation is offered by Google chrom automatically if Google translate is installed on the device, and the website language is different from the language of your device.

The translation of an e-mails received on Gmail or points of interest from Google Maps is performed by selecting “share” with the translator. It will automatically open and show the translation of the selected fragment.

Translation of any texts and e-mails can also be done by simply copying a fragment and then pasting it into a translator.

If you point the smartphone at the inscription or sign, you can immediately see its translation. Also, you can take a picture of an inscription or a whole document and immediately receive a translation.

The application allows you to save the pre-selected dictionaries in the device’s memory in case of the lack of Internet.
If you often use some expressions, you can save them in your own phrasebook.

You can also write words on the display by hand — and the application will recognize them and translate.

In the Android system, this application is installed by default. If you have an iPhone, download it here: 


In the Android system, this application is installed by default. You can install this application on your iPhone by scanning this QR code:

Google Translate