The izi.Travel app is your indispensable travel assistant. When you download and install this application, turn on geolocation on your device and the application will find the audio guides of various tourist routes and museums nearest to you.

Select a tour and select an audio guide language. If you have internet, you can immediately start the tour. If you download the tour to your device, you can continue the route without connecting to the Internet.

On the screen you will see a map of the route and your location. It’s impossible to get lost.

When you get closer to the next sight, the application will automatically turn on the audio recording with its description. You can also read the description if for some reason you do not want to listen.

Museum audio guides work almost as well. The difference is that the audio recording will be played when you scan the QR code of the exhibit or dial its number.

You can preview the audio guides of the city and the country where you are planning the trip. It is very convenient to choose the routes and museums suitable for you in advance. This can be done on the izi.Travel website .

You can download the app from the links below:  

QR code

You can install this application on your iPhone by scanning this QR code.

QR code

You can install this application on your Smartphone by scanning this QR code.